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Building Your Website

Let’s get started…

There are only two steps involved in the process of building your website. Once we are notified that both steps have been completed, you will receive an email to let you know that your order has been received. You will then be sent further e-mails to keep you aprised of your sites progress. Finally we send you details of how to access your e-mails and how to connect them to your devices, with a notifiction that your site is complete.

STEP 1: Website Customising Form

The first step is to click the button below titled ‘Website Options Form’.
Here you will find a Google Form, which can be completed to let us know exactly what you want on your webiste. You will be able to add logo’s, text based information, images, colour scheme and lots more. 

Website Options Form
STEP 2: Payment Form

The second step is to click the button below titled ‘Payment Form’. This will take you to our secure area on the GoCardless website.  You will be able to set up your monthly hosting payment in this step.

Payment Form