The success and failure of your Personal Training business will most likely come down to how many people you can get your services in front of.

You’ll work hard to get in front of people on the gym floor in order to try and sell your services and you’ll most likely have posters or leaflets to give out at your gym or in your local area. Another huge tool for getting your services to people is word of mouth, for years the most powerful marketing tool.

These are always useful ways for you to market your business and get clients to recognize your service and they all work in their own way, but one that some PT businesses are still yet to harness is the power of SOCIAL MEDIA. Social Media is everywhere! You will find it very hard to find a successful business that does not have a big exciting presence on social media. There is a reason for that!

Get business pages set up on different social media networks

The reason it’s such an amazing tool for promoting your Personal Training business, is that it allows you to make hundreds, sometimes thousands of people aware of your business at the click of a button. In all of these people, there will be leads so the most important thing first, get your social media pages set up!

Posting on your social media pages

Now that you have them set up and you’re sharing them around, what happens next? Well unfortunately leads don’t just appear through social media from thin air. Now you need to start posting on these pages and accounts to try and promote your business. This is where you get new followers and sell your product. Now it’s worth noting that boring posts, just offering your services every 5 minutes are not going to be engaging to prospective clients, they are going to turn them away from your pages. You need to make sure any content you post is designed to be direct and engaging to your target audience, make sure you time them correctly so they don’t all go out at the same time and be aware of the power of photo and video based posts!

Interacting With Clients

Ok so you’ve got great posts going out making people aware of your services. Now the ball really is rolling. You can also use your social media to interact with possible clients. Make sure you are regularly checking for messages coming in, any comments on your posts and any interactions so you can capitalise and make the most of each one. Social media is a great way to communicate 1 to 1 as well as 1 to 100!


Social Media is a great place to get reviews and ratings from your customers. You can get clients to leave reviews and ratings on your pages to show others that you are good at what you do! Reviews are a great way to show off your talents and market yourself.


Lastly, once you’ve got to grips with marketing yourself and establishing connections you should do some research into the power of hashtags , another way of potential clients finding you.

Anyway, I’ve been going on too long, the moral of this blog is, even if it takes a hell of a long time, make sure you get set up and start to build your online presence through social media.



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